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The ASBO Fairy Tales

The Asbo Fairy Tales - Chris Pilbeam, Hans Christian Asbosen I don't think there's much to review with this book, the title says it all I think.

It's a collection of fairy tales told in modern language using modern situations. The stories include Snow White and the Seven Dads, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Bailiff, Little Red Riding Hoodie, The Princess and the Oven Chip, Blingerella and Mouldy Locks and the Three Bears.

This book was quite funny to begin with, using situations such as The Jeremy Kyle Show in a story or two. In the end the book just got a bit repetitive, the female characters being 'blinged up' precocious princess's and the male characters being 'bad boy' drugged up chavs.

It's ok if you don't take it serious but to be honest with a title like The Asbo Fairy Tales, how can you take this serious, A quick and light hearted read.