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Best of Men

The Best of Men (Laurence Beaumont,  #1) - Claire Letemendia There’s a civil war being fought in and while Laurence Beaumont is fighting in it, he’s also deciphered a coded plot with the help of his old tutor Seward. They discover that it’s a plot to kill the King but who’s written it and who was written too?
Set in England in 1642, it’s told in the third person narrative. This book was ok, I especially liked the character of Beaumont who stands to gain a lot with his noble birthright but being a bit of a cad he just doesn’t find it appealing. The other characters were good, however there was a downside to this book for me, too many characters, I lost sight of who was siding with the King and who was siding with Parliament. It did slightly spoil my pleasure in reading this book. In fact I got too about page 200 and started it again as I had lost sight of who was who. I wasn’t much wiser the second time around but wanted to finish it to see what happened with certain characters.
I would recommend this book but while the plot was accessible, too many characters made it distracting.