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My Shit Life So Far

My Shit Life So Far - Frankie Boyle This book is basically as the title says, Frankie Boyle’s shit life so far. I only normally read biog’s about celebs I know of but my son said this was brilliant and I had to give it a go!! I’ve never seen Boyle on TV and only heard of him as he had caused a contraversy a few months ago that I saw on the news.

With some of the things he’s says I’m laughing but with some things I’m cringing, he’s quite a cynical fella isn’t he! He says in the introduction that he lies a lot in this book (and I could certainly see where he was lying!) so how can this be a memoir if you don’t know if it’s the truth or not, or is it just his sense of humour, I don’t know.

With that in mind a decided to read this book with a little scepticism and by doing that I enjoyed reading this book more than I thought I would. He’s quite an articulate and intelligent man. Very honest about his drinking and drug taking.

Some parts of the book though were crude, obscene even and made it slightly uncomfortable reading in parts. I’m not sure why he wrote this book, celebs lately seem to bring out an autobiography every few years detailing their lives and I thought that would have been everything Boyle stood against but maybe he’s just another ‘celeb’ out to make a buck or two.

Not sure if I would recommend this book, if your a big fan of Boyle then I would but if not then it might not interest you.