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Fourteen Days Later (Helen Grey, #1)

Fourteen Days Later (Helen Grey, #1) - Sibel Hodge My daughter said I must read this book as it’s the funniest thing she’s read in ages. One look at the cover and I thought said daughter had gone doolally as it looks like this book is a deep, dark horror story but it couldn’t be more different. A pure chick lit is what this book is all about.

It’s got the typical, stereotype characters, Helen, the single, ditzy, thirty something girl with curly hair (why do all heroines have curly hair)? Kalem, the dark brooding type. Ayshe, the best friend thats getting married.

All the usual things happens in this book that normally happen with characters like this, walking out of the toilet with her skirt tucked into her knickers. Farting while doing yoga and many many more.

It sounds like I’m describing just another of the thousands of this type of genre, run of the mill chick lit but nothing could be further than the truth. This book was a first class read, it had the magic to draw me in despite the conventional plot.

Told from her point of view, Helen was an endearing character and I was rooting for her all the way through, for her to get what she wanted.

There’s a sequel to this book, My Perfect Wedding but sadly it’s only available as an ebook but hopefully will be coming out in paperback soon. I’ll be first in the queue when it does.