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Remember Me

Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella I'm not really sure where to start with this book, to say I loved it or devoured it would be an understatement!

The story centres around Lexi who has been in a car crash and is suffering from amnesia. She wakes up in hospital to a totally different life from the one she remembers which includes a husband!

I loved nearly all of the characters in this book but especially Lexi and found myself rooting for her the whole way through the book. She wasn't a ditzy blonde kind of character which can be the norm in books like this so that was a refreshing change. I wasn't too fussy on Eric but the way his character was built was essential to the story, we can't like every character though can we!

The story was fabulous, the humour in it made me glad I wasn't reading this in public as quite a few times I found myself snorting with laughter and getting weird looks from my family!

I was so involved in the story, not only did it bring out the giggles in me but I found myself feeling real sympathy with Lexi, she was like a good friend and all I wanted was for things to turn out ok for her.

I highly recommend this book, in fact I can't recommend it enough. A top 5 read for me this year so far and definately my favourite by this author.