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Twenties Girl

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella Life for Lara Lington isn’t going well, her boyfriend Josh has dumped her, her best friend and new business partner, Natalie has run off too Goa!

The story starts with Lara and her parents going to the funeral of a relative she’s never met, 105 year old Great Aunt Sadie. At the service, which only Lara, her parents, her sister, uncle, aunt and cousin attend, the ghost of Great Aunt Sadie appears but only Lara can see her. Aunt Sadie wants her necklace which has gone missing and enlists Lara’s help in getting it back.

This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me, some of the antics they got up too are funny, some of the situations are hilarious but generally the book didn’t ignite for me, I feel it’s one of Kinsella’s weaker works. I like a good chick lit but this was a bit sickly sweet. I believe, because I’m sceptical about ghosts in general then it put a question mark over the book.

The usual mix of characters are here, Lara, the struggling single girl, her parents (just known as Mum and Dad) who are worried to death about her, overbearing sister who only played a slight part in this book. Other characters include Uncle Bill who is Lara’s dad’s brother. A self made millionaire with a world wide chain of coffee shops. Diamante, Uncle Bill’s daughter is a pretentious brat.

Also there’s Ed. Aunt Sadie sets up Lara and Ed on a date, I won’t say no more as I’ll spoil the plot but the scene when Ed takes Lara to a business dinner is so funny, really made me laugh out loud.

I did finsh the book with a warm feeling, despite what I’ve said about it and the predictable ending. It’s a bit like spending an evening with a best friend, you know them that well that you can get away with only half listening sometimes!