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The Official Zombie Handbook- The Ministry of Zombies

The Official Zombie Handbook- The Ministry of Zombies - Sean T. Page I was pleasantly surprised when this book turned up, knowing it was a fiction book it wasn’t what I expected. I assumed it would be like a regular fiction book but it was in textbook format.

I have to admit that zombies are not really my cup of tea but not wishing to turn down the opportunity to review this book , I decided to give it a go.

All area’s of zombies are covered, it contains everything you need to know from a 90 day survival guide, what the authorites/governments plans are to what type of weapons are good or bad in a zombie attack. The author clearly did his homework on the subject, he delves right into the history of zombies.

I also found there were slight tongue in cheek references that made me giggle, I’m not sure if that’s what the author intended though.

I didn’t finish reading all of this book, I had about 50 pages left but felt that there was nothing more I could learn about zombies. That said, it was a very well written book, if your a zombie fan then this is the book for you.